So, you are asking what the difference is between Social Reach and Social Engagement? You must be at a point where you are wanting to spend some money on social media marketing.

Social Engagement is Key
Social Engagement is Key

Social Reach

Social reach is the number of potential individuals a person can get a message to. It is the vanity metric. It is for all those accounts that post a thank you picture whenever they reach a new milestone of followers. You’ve seen them… “Thanks so much to all our great followers! We have reached 10,000! We love you so much!”… Makes you sick right? Well it should.

The thing with social reach is that it is only the potential. And you can’t bank on potential. Who knows where those followers came from? Who knows how the influencer or blogger acquired them? I can guarantee they’ll say they are all legitimate if you ask. Nobody admits to buying followers. Remember social reach is for vain individuals, it isn’t something you should focus on when looking at who will get your message out best.


Social Engagement

Social engagement is the metric you should be paying attention to. Don’t bother yourself with the account who has more followers but less likes and comments. Spend your time and money with the Instagram influencer who has the highest level of social engagement. These are the ones who will get you the best bang for you buck! Social engagement is the ratio of followers to likes and comments. It measures how many followers actually interact with what the influencer is pushing. This is what you want to know, and this is how you should value each Instagram influencer you are considering using.

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An Example

Larry is a blogger with 150k Instagram followers. Larry wants you to pay him $500 for one promotional post advertising your product to his followers. Larry averages 1,200 likes per post when looking at his recent posts. Therefore, Larry’s social engagement from likes is 0.8% ((1,200/150,000)*100).

Beth is a blogger with 75k Instagram followers. Beth says she’ll promote your products in one of her posts for $250. Beth averages 900 likes per post when looking at her recent posts. Therefore, Beth’s social engagement from likes is 1.2% ((900/75,000)*100).

Who should you spend with? Answer : Get Beth to do two posts (spaced appropriately)


With Larry for $500 you get about 1,200 people to see your message. You can’t bank on what the rest are doing, this is the number with a heartbeat.

With Beth for $500 you get about 1,800 people to see your message (2 x 900). Once again who knows what the rest of her followers are doing. We can’t measure that.


Beth has a higher level of Social Engagement and based on her price, she provides a better ROI for your money.