Now we have fake instagram social engagement! You’ve already learned that an account with low social engagement may have fake followers. But did you know that you can also buy that social engagement? This allows the instagram account to artificially correct their engagement score so they don’t stand out amongst other influencers.

What Is Fake Social Engagement

When you want more likes and comments to make your follower numbers seem more legitimate you might buy instagram likes and perhaps buy some instagram comments as well. This means bots or real accounts will find your posts, like your posts and comment on your posts. Thus creating the appearance of real engagement.

Why Would Anyone Do This?

Well let’s say you are like this guy –, and you’ve bought 1 million followers. Great, now everyone thinks you’re awesome! not so fast Brian Champagne, you have very poor social engagement as you can see from the below report.

Brian Champagne's Fakecheck Report

So Brian Champagne would definitely want to purchase some likes and comments appropriate for his number of followers. He currently averages 500 likes per post, but needs to average 20,000 likes per post. So he needs to buy about 19,500 likes per post to stay under the radar and not show up in a fake check as a fraud.

How Much Would That Cost Brian Champagne?

As you can see from a quick Google Search here – Buy instagram likes and comments, there are plenty of sites that allow you to buy likes and comments. But with 1,000 paid comments setting you back $100, and 25,000 paid likes costing $85, it can really add up!

Buy Instagram Comments

Brian Champagne would have to spend about $200 per post to hide his fake followers from, don’t do it Brian!

Check out Brian’s Report –