As you know from reading this post, Social Reach vs Social Engagement, social reach is the vanity metric. This is why people buy Instagram followers. They want to make their account seem more important and valuable than it really is. And they want people who view their profile to think they’re special. But here’s the problem. Everyone can spot the fraud by doing some basic checks!

Bought Instagram Followers

Social Blade

Social blade is a really useful tool to find out about the history of an account. What you should see is a steady increase in followers over time. Perhaps there will be some more fruitful days because of a great post or some other legitimate promotion. But typically the follower growth should be steady as she goes. If you look at an Instagram account on social blade and you see a spike in new followers, chances are something fishy is going on. When you buy followers they don’t gradually start following you over several months. They flock to your account in a matter of days. This is really easy to spot. Check out the bellow follower growth graphs, and tell me which one is legitimate and which one buys their followers.

Spike in new followers
Spike in new followers
Steady follower growth
Steady follower growth

It also looks like the faker upset his follower dealer and there was a mass exit of followers on one day! LOL!

Check Their Followers

Take some time to scroll through the followers, you can do this by clicking on the number of followers on the Instagram profile page. Check for these tell-tale signs of a fake account only being used to follow people who pay for it.

  • No profile photo
  • Random characters and numbers in their account name
  • They are following thousands of accounts
  • They have very few or no posts

Social Engagement

Obviously when you have a whole bunch of fake followers they don’t do anything except follow you. This means they won’t like your posts, they won’t comment on your posts and basically won’t interact with your account. They are bots so they can’t do any of this in a meaningful way that would seem normal. The last thing the faker would want is a whole bunch of random garbage comments on each of their posts that don’t make sense. So, the bots stay silent. You’ve seen it, there is that account with 5k followers and 5-10 likes per post. Yep that person bought their followers!

Use to automatically check. Promo Code: 1000free

Paid Likes

But there is a way to hide your bot followers from a social engagement check. If you bought your followers and you want your ratio of likes to be in line with normal you should also buy some likes. There are plenty of packages where you can buy likes one time, or buy likes for every new post. This will make your social engagement seem inline with your number of followers at first glance. But you should also have a certain level of social engagement from comments. Now these are harder to buy. I’m sure you can buy them but unless you want a random bunch of crap on your post that is 95% emojis, I don’t see how it can add value. It would raise more suspicion I think! So always look at the comments too, the number and if they are relevant or random.