I’ve said it before – the number of Instagram followers is a vanity metric. But that doesn’t stop people from asking – How do I get more Instagram followers? The short answer is slow and steady high quality content and time. Don’t even consider buying followers, I’ll tell you why in the last paragraph of this post.


Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Sorry to say that you need to put in some hard work over time to get more real instagram followers. You need to post regularly, at least once a day every day but maybe up to 3-4 times depending upon your niche and audience. A great tool to deal with this monotonous task is Later.

You also need to post high quality, audience appropriate content at the time when your audience is active to get the most engagement and attract the most new followers.

Use hashtags, there is a massive limit on the number of hashtags you can put in your posts and you should use them Instagram is always working on ways to help users find content they like and it mostly revolves around hash tags. Recently they introduced a feature where you can follow hashtags like following accounts.


Know Your Audience

You need to understand your audience – who you are targeting? What do they like? When are they active? Do they want stories? Live video? How many times a day/week do they want to hear from you? What days of the week are they active? The list goes on. And there are numerous sites to help you do this research. Check out these statistics;

  • The biggest Instagram age group is 18-29
  • About 25% of men online use Instagram compared with 39% of women
  • Over 30% of users 13-19 choose Instagram as their favourite social platform
  • More than 70% of Instagram accounts are outside North America
  • Over 500 million Instagram users are active every day
  • Nearly 100 million posts are shared on Instagram each day


Don’t Buy Followers

Buying followers is a terrible idea. If you are just vain and you want to see a bulging number of followers on your Instagram account… go ahead, spend your money on fake bought followers! But that is all they are good for. These accounts will not engage with your content. You are wasting your time posting a high quality photo or a well framed video to a bunch of good for nothing zombie bots.

People can check using tools like https://www.fakecheck.co to find out if your account doesn’t add up to what it should. There is nowhere to hide anymore everyone is catching on.

But, you say, “if I have more followers I can earn more as in influencer or influenster because my advertisers pay me based on social reach, not social engagement“. That may be true, but consider this. They use your services once or twice and they have extremely good analytics and can track the traffic and conversions that your posts bring in. They combine this with the rate they pay you and compare this with two or three of your competitors who have real followers. It will show up! You will be exposed as a fraud influencer and they won’t use you again, and will probably warn others you ROI is garbage. Just don’t do it.


But I Want To Pay!

If you have to pay for Instagram followers don’t buy them directly. Instead get hold of a good legitimate social media influencer to promote you or your business, way better bang for your buck, and the followers will have a heart beat! Check out this list of places to go;













Good luck with getting those followers. You’re so vain!