The use of social media means you will have followers and be following others. Unless you have missed the point of social media! But sometimes in the list of connections you will have users you don’t want to see anymore. This is especially true for those people who use mass following tactics for promotion. So, how can you quickly and easily fast unfollow? Read this article to learn about how to delete all unwanted Instagram followers in one simple process.

Why Delete Followers on Instagram?

Before we come to the point and figure out how to clean Instagram followers quickly, it’s important to understand why you should do it at all. If you have followers who are ghosts or dormant, they do not interact with your account. This reduces your social engagement and makes your account less valuable. When it comes to mass cleaning, it’s also worth removing unwanted users if you promoted your account by mass following methods – there is likely to be a lot of accounts following you that don’t add value to your account.

Removal of Individual Followers

If you do not have too many followers, you may be able to go through manually and click remove on each one. If you have more than a few hundred Instagram followers, this will be a tedious task indeed and you should look for an automated service or an App that can do the leg work for you.

Bulk Unfollowing all at Once

If your follower list is large and contains more than a few hundred users, it will be difficult to get rid of the unwanted users manually. Therefore, you may want to consider an automated tool that can remove a certain type of follower all at once.

One service I did find that does this for you is SpamGuard. They provide services for fast unfollow on Instagram and some other similar services to assist you in cleaning and protecting your account.

The first thing that happens is it scans your Instagram account and then you can check the entire list of followers on your account and get some insight into how many followers you have that are dragging your social engagement score down.

Using SpamGuard, you can:

  1. Remove non-reciprocal followers. This will help you remove thousands of people who didn’t follow you in response.
  2. Protect your profile from spam.
  3. Clear your account of bots and commercial accounts that are not active. This will improve your social engagement score.

Unfollow Apps for Instagram

There are numerous apps for Android and iOS that allow you to bulk unfollow your followers. There is a Good Article Here about the features and benefits of various unfollow apps.

What are the Limits for Unfollowing?

Manually deleting your followers allows you to get rid of 500 non-reciprocal followers or 300 mutual followers per day. If you remove too many followers at once, you will be blocked from removing more as the activity looks suspicious to Instagram and its AI that monitors its network for automated or bot like activity.


Timely removal of followers who do not add value to your Instagram profile is important. They can alter your metrics and make your account appear not as engaged as it really is. The more followers you have the more social engagement that is expected from an analytics point of view. If you have dormant or ghost followers, they will not be contributing to your page. You need to cut them loose ASAP!