What Are Instagram Auto Likes and Auto Followers? We’ve already talked about the need for followers, which is why people buy fake followers. Plus, if you’ve bought fake followers you’ll need to buy some likes and comments to make those followers look legitimate, which I explain here – What Is Fake Instagram Social Engagement?. The new approach is for this process to happen automatically, through a subscription service or an exchange service where your posts get automatic likes and comments after you upload. What a time to be alive!


Automating Fake Reach & Engagement

So the best way to hide your fake social reach (bought followers) is to buy social engagement right? Yes, but to do that manually would take time and effort each time you post. So, the operators of fake social reach and social engagement sites have created a new service where they automate that process for you so you no longer have to lift a finger! Funny isn’t it, the solution to hiding automated bot activity is with more automated bot activity! We’ve been hearing about automation and how it’s going to make your life easier. Auto button for the win!

auto like auto follow

Easier Than Manually Buying

From what I can see this is all good for the operators of the bot networks. Once you decide to go to the dark side down the path of purchasing followers or purchasing likes and comments you cannot stop. If you do, the jig is up. Your next post with 47 likes instead of 4,700 likes will raise more than a few eyebrows. Buying a subscription where auto followers, auto likes and auto comments are delivered is the more effective way to keep up the charade. So basically, this new concept is for the lazy, or the time poor. All they need now is auto content… hmm, I might start working on that.


Subscription Service

There appears to be a number of sites offering a service where they are just going to detect when you post a new image or video and then get their bots to slowly (so not to attract too much attention) auto like and auto comment on your content. Some even promote their delayed delivery as a way to make the likes and comments look natural from the outside. But don’t be fooled they are simply the same bots used during one time purchases for follows, likes and comments.

automatic likes & comments

An Exchange System

Another model is the exchange system where you join up and provide your Instagram login details. That’s right, you read correctly. You give them the username and password to your Instagram account and they will allow you to send and receive likes and comments automatically. This is extremely dodgy; these people are perhaps a clean shave away from being criminals and they have your account details! The terms of use on some of these sites are literally 7 lines of text, that are extremely vague. From what I can gather they will like other users content on your behalf and do the same for your content using other accounts that they have the login details for. So, you don’t have to manually like other exchange member’s images and videos, they can do this for you as they have your username and password! The same goes for every other member of the auto liking exchange. What will they come up with next? Stay tuned!