So everyone is divided about Instagram hiding or removing the likes count from posts. Most are saying it’s a good thing, which will take pressure off users that feel unpopular because they don’t have as many likes as their friends. But on the other hand, influencers are screaming that the hard work they’ve put in isn’t on display anymore to potential advertisers.

But there’s a loophole

You will notice that Fake Check can still find out how many likes and comments each post has. That’s right, even though Instagram has removed the likes and comments count from the App, which is how 99% of people use Instagram. Fake Check uses the Instagram website. And if you visit the website the Instagram website you can still see how many likes and comments each post of a public account get. Yes, they’re claiming to level the playing field, but if you really want to find out you still can!

Is it a good thing?

It’s not up to us to judge what’s right or wrong, but I do see how it might reduce the anxiety of some users who are envious of the likes count and comments count of their peers. So, some good may come out of it. But like we said before they haven’t completely removed or hidden the counts, you can still find out on the Instagram website. Will they close this loophole? We don’t know. But if they do that will mean they are serious and going ‘all in’ with this new strategy.

Why are the Influencers so mad?

Because they want more money of course! Most influencers really want to display how many likes and comments they get on each post as a way to advertise their worth. You know how it is, for the average user their likes and comments count are vanity metrics. But for influencers it’s kind of a like a measure of their worth. So, you can see how they might be upset when Instagram is taking away a number that is directly linked with their value.

This will all blow over

Luckily you can still check likes and comments counts with Fake Check, so it’s business as usual for us! Before long there will be some other topic that is grinding everyone’s gears.