I track Kim Kardashian’s social engagement using our Social Engagement Analytics tool. Her score in recent weeks has been decimated and it’s easy to see why. Her social engagement score has been destroyed with promotional posts, let me explain.

Kim’s Normal Posts

Kim normally posts shots of herself or her family and they are exactly what her followers want. So the engagement is great. One of her best ranking posts of all time was a Halloween post this year with her family dressed up as the flintstones. I must admit even I smiled! See below some examples of her high ranking posts. 6.9m Likes for the flintstones and 4.1m Likes for Kim in a bikini!

Kim’s Recent Posts

Lately Kim has been posting a higher concentration of promotional material. She is obviously a businesswoman and uses her influence to try and guide her followers to purchase her products. This is fine, and what she normally does. However, of late there have been numerous posts in a row of a promotional nature, and her followers just don’t engage with it. It seems like her Instagram followers are a bit sick or the posts after the first one or two in a row, so they just keep scrolling. See blow six posts in a row sprucing kkwbeauty.com, with an average of 706k likes.

How this affects Kim’s Score

Fake Check automatically tracks the social engagement score of your profile by doing analytics on the 12 most recent posts. If a high number of your recent posts have low engagement from your followers, your score will be low. Because Fake Check tracks this data every day, you can see the trend over time. Check out Kim’s trend below, not good!

What you and Kim should do

Keep your promotional posts at regular intervals and to a minimum, if you bunch them up all together, your followers will let you know, by disengaging. If your followers know that perhaps every fifth or tenth post they should expect a promotional post, a paid post or advertising post, they are usually happy to swallow this and let you get away with it. But 6 in a row is enough to get even the most die hard fan to scroll on without liking!

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