Social media marketing is a fantastic way to promote your product or service, or those of your client, if you are providing marketing services. But when you find your Instagram influencer who has 100k followers and wants payment for a promotional post, how do you know it will be worth it?

Fake Instagram Influencer
Don’t believe what your told, check yourself

Don’t Waste Your Money

If you are about to pay an instagrammer for a plug you want to know that their followers are actually engaging with the content. You want to know their followers eyeballs will see your product or service. It wouldn’t be the best use of your marketing spend if you picked the instagrammer to promote you who has non-engaged followers, or even worse fake followers!


Do Your Research

You could do the research yourself, you could trawl through their posts and check the likes and comments and come up with a reasonable idea for yourself. But, that is time consuming and what if you are tossing up between 10 different Instagram influencers. That isn’t the best way to spend your time.


Check Social Engagement

You need to find an automated checking service like that can do this task for you very quickly. The problem with social media marketing is everyone thinks social reach is key. How many followers does this person have? Wow, 100,000 people will see the paid post and receive our message! But that isn’t accurate. What you want to know is the level of engaged followers, what is the instagrammer’s level of social engagement? It is probably a fraction of the followers. You should pay for a paid post on Instagram based on the level of social engagement, not social reach. And to make sure you can do this you need to be informed on the instagrammer’s level of social engagement. These are the followers who are listening to what the instagrammer is saying and the ones that will be hanging on their every post. These are the ones that will see your ad. They won’t interact with your paid ad at the same level as a regular post, let’s face it no one likes ads. But they will see it and if your product or service is of interest to them, which it should be if you’ve chosen the right Instagram influencer, they may take notice!

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Remember do your homework before agreeing to pay an influencer, by checking their engagement!