Micro and nano influencers are the latest trend for Instagram marketing. They provide a higher level of social engagement than the traditional celebrity and mega influencers. You might be a potential nano influencer, we’ll give you 5 simple steps on becoming one.

What are Micro and Nano Influencers?

Micro influencers and nano influencers are those accounts and individuals who have less followers than the usual influencers. Most influencers who post promotional or advertising material need to have 100k+ followers to be able to command the big bucks. But a new trend was seen last year where marketing companies were looking for instagram accounts with less than 100k followers (micro influencers) and even less than 5k instagram followers! (nano influencers)

Why is the Social Engagement better?

Accounts with large followings typically have a less engaged audience. There is less of a connection with Kim Kardashian, than say… your Aunt. So you are more likely to comment and like your Aunt’s posts than Kim’s! Therefore due to the more personal or community nature of smaller accounts the social engagement is much higher.

This means that a marketer can get a better value campaign by choosing several micro or nano influencers over a single macro or mega influencer. It may be more work, but they should see better return on investment and more interactions with their material if they spread their money around a bit.

For example, an account with 100k followers may have 2% engagement, which equates to an average of 2,000 interactions per post. But five accounts each with 20k followers may have on average 6% engagement, which equates to around 6,000 interactions per post, three times better engagement on the same number of followers! (these numbers aren’t real, but illustrate the example).

Nano Influencers

How do I become a Nano Influencer?

Well I guess you’ve realised that you have a few followers and you wish to spam your family and friends some ads to get paid? Ok, perhaps that’s not exactly what you want to do, but this is how you might go about becoming an influencer with less than 5k followers.

Step 1 – Identify a theme for your account. Find a niche that you have some authority or experience in.

Step 2 – Polish your account so the content is original and appealing.

Step 3 – Update your profile to mention you are open to cooperation with aligned brands.

Step 4 – Directly contact brands you like or think will like you, and ask them if they wish to work with you.

Step 5 – Register on influencer marketing platforms and find the brands that are actively looking for nano influencers.