A recent study by Points North Group has brought to light the problem of fake followers amongst influencers. This is not a new phenomenon but you can see in this Adage article that some big household names & brands have been stung and wasted or not fully utilised their influencer marketing spend.

Most Fake Followers 

Source: Adage.com & Points North Group

The above table shows the brands who use influencers with the most fake followers. They are wasting their marketing dollars and lining their fraudulent influencer’s pockets.

Do Your Homework

A few hours of checking before choosing an influencer on a site like Fakecheck.co can ensure you do not waste your money on frauds. The value of a legitimate influencer is so much more than a fraudulent one. Now that everybody has the ability to check any public instagram account for fake followers you do not want your brand being associated with fakes. It is vital that you align your brand with honest influencers and get your message out to a relevant audience not just a botnet of artificial followers!


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